30,000 Chardonnay vine stocks, with as many personalities... each one marking the wine with its distinctive imprint.
I respect them all, they are a bit like my children. Mother nature rules, I must not get involved or interfere.
I am happy just to be there for the ride.


The expertise and tradition of the past.
Throughout the year, in every season, I follow the teachings of my ancestors to the letter.
Simple actions, repeated 1000 times, directed by my genes and by the past.
The terroir is expressed through the guidance of my hands.
My tiny, beloved wine-press.

This tiny wine-press, descendant of the ancient Roman wine-press, is the most wonderful tool left to me by my grandfather Jean.
Getting started is a ritual in itself.
Over a 5-hour period, 2000 kg of the precious grapes will pass through my hands.
I mustn't squash them, because the production of fine Champagne requires these beautiful grapes to remain whole.
The juice will pour gently down, capturing the spirit of the terroir with each grape.
Then the yeast, kindly provided by Mother Nature, will transform it into something divine.
pressoir nb
2500 litres per vat, no more !
By separating the wines into each of these micro vats, based on the terroir, I can preserve the character of each area.
After many months, the personality of each one will be revealed.
Terroir is the foundation of all things!
Then in springtime, when the warmth returns, this still wine will finally be bottled.
Once more I will add some good yeast and a little sugar (for the second fermentation).
The fine bubbles produced by this wonderful combination will finally give birth to the unique nectar that is: Champagne. 
My Champagne.
The years of suspense...
Taken down to the cellar, the bottles will begin their long ageing process.
It will last many years.
Inside the bottle, in the sediment (spent yeast), new aromas will arise within the champagne.
It can take its time, there's no hurry.
The slow and sustained oxidation will work its magic.
The Grand Cru is now at its peak.
A few more action...  

The time has come to add the final touch to each bottle:

- shaking, to eliminate the deposits of the spent yeast.
- the disgorging and dosage, adding a few grams of sugar to soften the edges (or not, for our unsweetened vintages!)
- the labelling, for elegant presentation on your table.



My passion is to bring the spirit of the terroir, through my 30 000 vine stocks,
all the way to your taste buds.